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9" Fix it Felix Toy ( Wreck It Ralph 1)




Limited Edition of l-E Dimensional Toy Soldier Bag-Bots $85.95
Exclusive Diznoidtoys Wall-E CollectionHand Painted 15pc Set
Detailed and Colored By Diznoidtoys. Made By Thinkway Toys - Now Available!



Brand New Giant
Wall-E Delux Figure Set 4pc.
with Functional Parts & Accessories $226.60



I -Dance Wall-E NIB
Mp-3 Players or
I-Pods CD Walkman Hand Held Game-Cubes
Gameboy Original and Advanced, Car Radios
Cell Phones Audio Speaker Cell Phones with Music Players non USB
or any Audio 2.5 to 3.5 & 3.5 to 1/4 Adaptable Sound Systems.
Interacts to Your Voice and Sounds on Microphone Mode
Click picture for movie or to buy $175.75



Wall-e RejectBots

MIB Rare Wall-e Reject Bots Figures Set
A Must Buy Yours For Only $135.99
( Mouse Over For Stand View )



Wall-E 5pc Figures Set With Auto
MIP Never Displayed $229.00
2 Sets In Stock



Wall-E 5pc Figures Set With Defibrillator
MIP Never Displayed $199.00

2 Sets In Stock



Wall-E 5pc Figures Set With Massage-Bot
MIP Never Displayed $199.00



Wall-E 8pcs Figure Set Originals With Reject Bots Boxed



Wall-E Action Figure Set-2 Boxed Sets With Auto & Captain

This Full collection has been collected specially for you! By Diznoidtoys
The Entire Collection Was Distributed Separately Worldwide 2008
Getting Them All Together Like This is Merely Impossible $465.99



9pc Wall-E PVC Diecut Jibbitz Charms
Worn and used as fashion accessories Cuff Links- Button Links And More
• Includes backing for compatibility with Disney Crocs $39.00
Contact for availability



11" Box Interactive Talking Wall-E & Eve $420.00
Interactive Action Set with Phrases, Cannon Blaster SFX Movements
Free Wheeling & Stand Included. They Can Change Modes and Make Multiple
Facial Expressions
and Communicate with Eachother
Click to see try mode and to buy.
Outer package may vary



6" Eve Fan With Color Lights & Light Up Eyes
Displays An Infinite Array Of Color For
Never Ending Moment At The Axiom.
( Click Eve for Light Show and to buy ) $89.99



Construct-A-Bots Boxed Set $189.50
Make and Break Your Wall-e And Eve Set
Then Create New Robots By
Parts! 6 1/2" Tall Figures with
Magnetic Snap and Accessories



Sleeping Beauty Delux Set

Sleeping Beauty Delux 10 Pc Set of Figures
Features 2 Play Scenes And Glittered Figures
Mouse Over for Figures Zoom.



Disney Cute Heroes Set 6 Figures All Measure
Approximately 4" Featuring Beast VS Gaston
Peter VS Captain Hook - Prince Phillip VS Maleficent Dargon

Now Yours For Only $89.99



Delux PVC Tangled

Tangled Delux PVC Set 9 figures MIP.
( Mouse Over For Packaged View) $149.99



Alice In Wondernald $69.99



Toy-Story 15 pc Special Set Gift



Jumbo Lotso Figure Figure 2 pack $89.99



Buildable Trixie

Toy Story 3 Hawaiian Vacation-Buildable Trixie
Individual Figures
Pick from available selection below
Roll Over Image For Package View





Toy Story 3 Delux 13 Piece Set of Figures NIB $89.99



Toy Story Talking Figures Mint In Original Boxes
•Talking Buzz Lightyear (Light-Up) Action Figure -- 12''
•Talking Woody Action Figure -- 16''
•Toy Story Talking Jessie Doll -- 16''

All three action figures come individually packaged
Only $195.50



New In Original Packaging

Toy Story Talking Jessie Doll -- 16'' $99.99



Belle Pop Case Gazebo Collection

Includes Mini Table Basket and Chairs Set
3 Beast Outfits 5 Belle Outfits 2 Kitchen and
Picnic Table Ware Sets



Delux Beauty-Beast PVC

Beauty And The Beast 12 Characters Delux Set $179.99

(Mickey Mouse Over Picture to See Packaging)



The Little Mermaid PVC Playset 7 Pcs $ 45.99



Complete Collection of Ratatouille Talking Action Dolls
9 to 2 inch Figures. May or May Not Include Blister Pack.
Remy - Food with Gestau, Colette - Cookware with Little Emile
Linguini - Soup Pot, Wooden Spoon, with Little Remy
Emile with Garbage Food Apple Core, Skinner with Menu with Django
Includes Characters and Accessories Seen above 20pcs total
Less Than Retail Priced at $199.99 (May require New Batteries)



Rare Squinkies Set of 4 Complete Princesses figures Includes:
Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel And Belle $129.99



Lion king delux PVC

The Lion King Special 13 Characters Delux Set
( Mouse Over For Figures View ) $125.75



The Lion King Special 13 Characters Delux Set NEW
No package Include
d- ( Figures Only) $89.99



Brave Delux Set NEW
No package Included- ( Figures Only) $75.99

Buy Button For Dianne Below





Deluxe Cinderella 2 Set $129.99



Frozen Mega Box Figure Collectibles $229.99



The Good Dinosaur Figure Set $89.99


Lady and the Tramp Set $69.99



The Jungle Book Set B $69.99



Pixar The Incredibles Original Movie $99.99



Disney Tangled with Pascal Original Movie $99.99
Package may have corner bends.



Disney Frozen Original Movie Figurines $69.99



Coco Deluxe Figure Set $225.99



Monsters Inc. Original Movie Figures Set $69.99



Inside Out Deluxe Figures Set MIP $129.99



Snow White Deluxe Figurine Set
Mouse over for Package ( May Be Glittered )