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Jessica Rabbit Limited 1500 Edition Premium Format Figure Includes Penguin Waiter

Figure from The Ink and Paint Club - Light Up Base &

Authenticity Certificate. Base Lights Up. $ 1,250

Sold Out


LE 3000 Grand Jester Beauty and the Beast Polystone Bust 2pc Set

Sold Out


Grand Jester Cruella Polystone Bust $ 180.00


evil queen Mini bust

Grand Jester Evil Queen Polystone Bust $ 189.00 (Mouse Over)

Sold Out


Ariel mini Bust
Grand Jester Ariel Polystone Bust $ 149.99 (Mouse-Over)

Sold Out




Cinderella-s Light-up Pillar Statue $95.00




9.5" Cinderella Porcelain Figurine with Certificate of Authenticity $95.00

Sold Out



9.5" Snow White Porcelain Figurine with Certificate of Authenticity $95.00

Sold Out


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Beauty And the Beast Enchanted Cart
Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Cart Gold
Decorative Version 21 Inch Tall $ 130.00
(Includes Cart and Figures Base not Included)




Mrs. Potts Limited Edition Tea set 2010
Complete In Satin Finish Decorative Art Box $450.00

Sold Out Mrs Potts LE Mrs Potts Only

Beloved Beauty and the Beast Actual Size Character Replicas
Complete LE Set with Lumiere Lights,Cogsworth Clock And Mrs. Potts
Teas Set Each with its own Certificate of Authenticity Sold Out



Disney * Pixar Up Snowglobe with 7 Characters And Translucent Ballloons
Measures Over 11" High With Detailed Textures and Characters
Includes an Automatic Snow Blower (Hard to Find Offer) $98.00
Sold Out


Aurora Porcelain Relief Plate & Jewels Silver Plated Hanging Plate.
With Authenticity Certificate $49.99

Sold Out

Snow White Porcelain Relief Plate &
Jewels Gold Plated Hanging Plate.
With Autencity Certificate

Sold Out

Cinderella-Tiny Kindom Enamel Figures In Display Box $50.00



Dumbo-Tiny Kindom Enamel Figures In Display Box $55.00



Peter Pan-Tiny Kindom Enamel Figures In Display Box $55.00

Pinocchio-Tiny Kindom Enamel Figures In Display Box $55.00 1 in stock




Fantasia Pavillion Snow Globe
Featuring Diana Goddes Of The Hunt
Musical Light-Up Globe With Wooden Base $199.95
Sold Out



Be Still my Heart Frame

New MIB 3-D Roger Rabbit Collectible Plate.
For 3x5 Pictures. Features Velvet Curtains and
Swaying Leg on Jessica With Glitter Detail.
$24.99 Sold Out

Gold Belle Beauty and the Beast Title Musical Jewelry Box.
Sold Out

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NBX 6.5" Sally Soundtrack Musical Jewelry Box
with Rotating Salley and Sculpted Art Relief




Peter Pan Walt Disney Classic Collections
Indian Chief
6.25"deep x 8.75" high

Peter & Tiger Lily
9.75"wide x 7.75"high

Lostboys 10"wide x 4.5" high
Wendy,John & Micheal 7.25"wide x 5" high




Limited Edition of 1000 Disney Poly Stone Mini Busts
8" Grand Jesture Studios LE-1000 Numbered Set Little Mermaid
2pc Polystone Fine Detail Mini Bust Set $ 275.50


Tinkerbell PolyStone Bust 160.00

Reserved for Fabrice in France

Sold Out

Maleficent PolyStone Bust 125.00

Sold Out


Jumbo 101 Dalmations Snowglobe
Lights up and plays ''Cruella De Vil''
Hand-painted, sculpted resin and glass
8 1/2'' H x 13.25'' W x 6 1/8'' D
Requires 2 AA batteries, included

Sold Out




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