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Disney Floral Arrangements


Baby Minnie's Pretty In Pink Basket Chair
21" Arrangement Of Weaved Piuk Flowers Basket Chair with a Pink Polk-a-Dot Ribbon
Design Sold



Mad Hatter's Spot Of Tea Alice In Wonderland
36" Arrangement of Glitter Balls in Branches with Exploding White and Blue Flowers
Design Sold
( Contact for recreation details )



Baby-Herman's Antique Baby Carriage

14" Arrangement In Antique Wood with Metal Carriage
Baby Pink Flowers Tulips Crafted Pillow and Sheet



The Lion King Circles Of Life
17" Arrangement of Miniature Wood Stumps with Wire Bows and Warm Flower with Repositionable Figures
Design Sold ( Contact for recreation details )



Hidden Mickey Wreath and Roses
24" Arrangement of Branched Wreaths with Red Roses Yellow Flowers Babys Breath and Red Beaded Icon Balls
Design Sold ( Contact for recreation details )



The Junglebook Glass Ball Jungle
15" Arrangement of Pink Daisies Mini Coconut Stacks with Moss Tree Branches in Glass Dome Vase



Zues's Lightning Bolts Hercules
16" Victorian Style Structure Vase of Vines with Flower Mix Tulip Daisy Gardenias And Mesh



Simbas Pride Triket Box
15" Arrangement of Warm Colored Daisies And Tulips with Bamboo Branch Decor
Design Sold ( Contact for recreation details )



Cinderella's Carriage-Mirror
12" Mirror Base Lightpink Roses and Gladiolas Sparkled with Irridescent Branches and Tinsel
Design Sold ( Contact for recreation details )



Incredibles - Violetes Force Field
18" Glass Dome with Repositionable Violet in Daisy Bunch with a Warm Mix of Flowers



Belle's Library Story Book Frame
12 1/2" Miniature Crafted Books Red Wooden Roses on a Green Platform With Gold Frame 5x7



Alice's Court Story Book Floral Frame
12 1/2" Wooden Double Pannel Base Pink Flowers with Wood Frame 5x7




Sleeping Beauty Columb Dream
40" Designed with a Bed of Roses Butterfly
Arch and Plastic Forever Columb (Not Available Donated)



tangled stroy Book Charger and Frame
12" Plate with Decoupage Rapunzel Character
Complimented with an 8x10 inch framed StoryPage




Frozen Butterfly and chrysanthemum Frost
Medium Size Arrangement Light Accents, Frosted Greens, Includes A
Complete Authentic Frozen figure set
Donated ( Contact for recreation details )



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