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The Paper Sculpture Division


New for 2014 Toy Story 2 Art

Emperor Zurg 18 Inch Diznoidtoys Exclusive Paper Sculpture. Diznoid cuts and glues for you.)



Exclusive Alice Hookah Smoking Caterpillar Plus Collection
Includes all the creatures shown assembled.
Characters Range from 9" to 2.5"




9" Wall-e Axiom Paper-Sculpture 3-D Model Matte Finish
(No Assembly Required)



Wall-e Burn-E 3-D Paper Craft Project
(Cut And Glue + Assembly Required)

Mouse Over Picture For Assembled Sample
Wall-e Paper Figures
Wall-E Paper Crafts Project
7 Piece 3-D Paper Figures And Stands.
Includes 7 Color Prints And Building Instruction Diagrams
(Cutting Gluing And Assembly Required) $65.00



Enchanted Acrylic Box With Exclusive Cogswoth And Lumiere Sculptures
Digitally Created and Manually Crafted for an Exquisite Finish.




Cinderellas Pumpkin Coach Glossy
Fully Constructed-3D-Photo
Estimated Size 15"




Snow White Evil Queen Heart Box.
Available in 5 Inch 8 Inch and 12 Inch







We Sketch and Create Dimensional
2-D Multi-Layered Paper Dolls of Beloved Characters

Jafar Genie

Ursula Baby