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Tangled Mother Gothel Flower With Cover and Song Certificate $ 85.00


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Sandard Stove Customized Reflective Metal Cover
Converts your stovetop into additional countertop.
Ideal for dinner parties and other used.
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18" x 24" Contact us for other size options



Disney Toon Rooms

We Customize Gallery Canvas Wraps.
Mirror, Black, White or Exceeded Fold Edge
12 x 12, 16x16, 18x18, 16x20, 18x24, 24x36, MAX42"

Contact us for other size options

Wreck -It-Ralph Collection

Wreck it Ralph Perler Set Includes 13.25" Ralph and 7.25 Fix it Felix. Can be used as wall hangs or as home accents for any Game Room or Movie theme. $89.88


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Vanellope Tiny Tile Mosaic Character Shape, Measures 8.5" tiles measure 3/16 " $59.99 Other sizes made with 1/4 tiles and 1/2 tiles for a larger finish.

(Contact For Pricing)


Wreck It Ralph Pac-Man Cameo's Set

Includes Pack Man, Mrs. Pac Man, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. $35.00

We Make Custom Perler Art and Many Classic Arcade Characters




Jumbo Wall-e Perler Design 3pc Set $80.00



Custom Block Puzzles with Acrylic display Box
A 6 in 1 Puzzle with a Dual Sided Display Box. Make a Puzzle and Have 2 Framed Decor for Your Room or Office. Try Another Puzzle and Make it New again. We Can Add Family Photos, Names, Baby Pictures, Combinations of Family and Disney Favorites. You Choose it We Place it. Let Us Make You One Today. Cubes Measure 1.25" Exclusive Diznoidtoys Dizplay and Puzzle stand 6.75" x 8"



All Designs Are One of A kind
Designs Available in 16x20 & 18x24
Custom Disney Dimensional Puffed Ar

Close Up Of Dimensional Lines

Pinocchio Style



Close Up Of Dimensional Lines

Bambi Style



Ones for 7.00 Fives for 12.00
Tens for 20.00 Twentys for 35.00
Custom U.S.A. Dollar With Custom Disney Characters And Names. You Receive a Never Used Crisp Dollar Bill with Your Order.



Mini Home Essentials Up Ellie Collection

Hand Crafted Plates And Cups of Any Disney or Pixar Favorites!

Includes-Mini Tumbler Paper Lamp Decopauge with Functional Tea-Light

Foam Recycleable Bowl Clock with Fuctional Parts

& Oval Platter Portraitt Floral Wall Hang.

Three Piece Ellie Collection Platter Hang, Wall Clock & Tumbler Tea Light $79.00


Tumbler Lamp & Wall Clock $50.00


Tumbler Lamp & Platter Hang $55.00


Large Platter Hang $45.00


Medium Platter Hang $40.00


Wall Clock $45.00


Tumbler Lamp Tea Light $40.00


Clock Face Options Choose From 4 Designs Numbers or No Numbers


Wall Clock Toned with Extra Stones $49.00
Ask For Your Disney Favorites Also Family Photos Welcome!





Customizing Multi-Layered Photo Dioramas In A Bottle

Alice Crafted Bottle

Mouse Over Image for Bottle View

The Walrus and The Carpenter Alice Bottle Diorama with Light
We Make Any Cartoon Theme Just Ask. Our Bottle Sizes
Vary from 1 Liter to 1 Gallon, Color May Also Vary




Nightmare Before Christmas Miniature Cloche

Scary Teddy Bottle Crafts.
(Click Image for Gallery)
Item Sold- Contact for recreations.


Scary Teddy Hanging Bottle With Light Up Charm
Click Picture For Photo Album
Item Sold- Contact for recreations.



River rock magnets

20pc Custom River Rock with a Natural Magnification Set
(Mouse Over For Zoom) Family Photos Welcome!


20 Piece Custom Set of Magnetic Bottle Caps with
Magnifying Clear Epoxy Pebble Finish
Family Photos Welcome!



Boo Chrome Bottle Cap Jewerly 5 pc Set. 1 Pair of Mismatched
Earings 2 Assorted 18 Inch Charm Necklaces with Claw & 1 4 Inch Claw Charm
Decorative Dangler New Jewelry Set $29.99





15 pc Set 20 pc Set



Beauty And the Beast Babette Craft

Fifi Duster

Hand Made and Painted Beauty and the
Beast Duster Fifi Model.
( Actual Size Duster Replica.)
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2015 Babette + Base


Toy Story Legs Figure

Legs toy Story


Hand Crafted Legs Model. 12.5 Inch High
( Actual Size Doll Replica.)
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A Bugs'Life Stick Bug

Bugs Life Stick bug


Hand Crafted StickBug Dowel
(Jumbo Size Replica Measures 24")
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wall-e wreath


Dimensional Paper Applique Characters. We Craft Precise Paper Cuts. We Make Them Specially With Your Choice of Chracters! Art for Interior Decor Only Ask For Pricing

( 18" Ring With Ribbon Finish and Stones.)
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